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Permanent Dwellings, Recreational Park Homes, Leisure Accommodation Vehicles or Boats

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Permanent Dwellings, Recreational Park Homes, Leisure Park Homes, Boats

Spread over 2 days

1 day Training
1 day written exams and practical tests

Upon successful completion of the assessments you will be awarded a Natural Gas to LPG Conversion certificate in the area of study. As with all ACS certs the certificates last for 5 years. These can be re-taken as re-assessments up to 6 months prior to the expiry date with no loss of time.

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LPG Changeover Courses

Scots Gas Training Ltd offers training and assessments for LPG change overs covering permanent dwellings, recreational park homes, leisure accommodation vehicles and boats. Our LPG change overs are designed to cater for experienced gas operatives. If you need to be reassessed in order to maintain or renew your gas qualifications, get in touch with our team today to find out more.


Gas safety legislation and standards
Gas emergency actions and procedures
Products and characteristics of combustion (including combustion performance analysis)
Characteristics of LPG
Supply pressures
Operation and positioning of emergency isolation, flow control and valves for cylinders
Cylinder location, safety and sizing
Installation of pipework and fittings
Tightness testing and purging
Unsafe situations, use of emergency notices and warning labels
Operation and checking of appliance gas safety devices and controls
Chimney standards
Chimney inspection and testing
Installation of open, closed, balanced and fan assisted chimneys
Re-establish existing gas supply and relight appliances.
Cylinder location, safety and sizing
Pipe Sizing
CCN1 or a suitable changeover is required for any operative wishing to work on domestic gas installations and appliances. In addition, the operative must also hold the relevant appliance element relating to the work they wish to undertake. For the initial assessment, candidates must meet the entry requirements as laid out in guidance note 8 for category 1, 2, and 3 entrants (see ACS scheme rules). For reassessment, candidates must have held the element previously. If this has expired within 12 months of the assessment date, the initial assessment must be undertaken. This would have equivalence to Level 3 qualifications. Have more questions? Get in touch with our team today.

For more information on courses in LPG change overs, send an email to the Scots Gas Training Ltd team or give us a call today. 01786 474 187

Blair Craig

Very professional setup! The best in Scotland by far. Very knowledgeable staff, cheers Iain

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Iain made the ACS as easy as he could, we all learned something

Martin Hunter

Top training and assessment centre, best in Stirling by far

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Caters for all my needs, can’t do better.

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Very professional setup! The best in Scotland by far.