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There are a variety of options for funding your exciting new career change. Below is a summary of the most popular options:


A private finance company who have agreed to offer our students reasonable deals when it comes to money.
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Private Loan Comparison Websites

We have noted a few, here is only an example of such,

Pay As You Learn

Paying as you learn is an easy process you can pay for you course in f easy instalments.

Pay Monthly in Advance

Paying monthly in advance works similar to the Pay As You Learn option except that you would start making your monthly instalments before you started your six-month training programme. For example, if you started paying your monthly instalments six months in advance of your programme start date, you would be able to split your monthly instalments over a twelve-month interest-free period, halving your monthly instalment cost.

Credit Card Payments

Many of our students select the Pay As You Learn avenue but using their credit cards to facilitate payments this allows them to repay these instalments when they can afford to.

Personal Loans

You have the option of taking a personal loan to pay for your new career, you will have the option of paying back the loan in fixed monthly amounts,

Personal loans – The pros

You might be able to borrow more than with a credit card.
Your loan repayments will also usually be a fixed amount each month, which can make it easier to budget.
The interest rate you pay on a personal loan is usually fixed (but not always – check that it is fixed not variable).
You can choose how long you’d like to take to repay the loan. Remember the length of a loan will affect the amount you’re charged in interest.

How to get the best personal loan deal

You should always shop around to see which providers are offering the cheapest loans. The loan company will look at your credit history which can make the loan more expensive. You have to shop around and compare the offers being made to you. A comparison website can help you do this. Get the loan company to quote you in writing before you accept any deal. If they have to do a credit reference check, ask them to do a ‘quotation search’ this leaves no mark on your credit history, rather than an application search (which may do). Another option is peer to peer loans this may be beneficial to you, especially if you have a good credit rating. These loans can offer lower interest rates than normal personal loans.

If you would like any further information or advice on how to gain your new certification please contact a member of our team on 01786 474 187.

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Other than the above avenues for funding we have found no evidence of any help available to adult learners in private education. If we notice anything new we shall add the information here for all to see.

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